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Technology Consultants Inc (TCI) is a Virginia based corporation established in May 1996. TCI has been providing Technology Services to Commercial and Government Clients for the past 20+ years. TCI specializes in the analysis, design and development of web based, cloud and distributed systems that focus on trade interaction, cargo Importation, risk and threat analysis and collaborative mitigation of such risk.

Over the years TCI has developed significant experience and expertise in key technology areas as well subject matter focusing on areas of cargo importation, threat evaluation and collaborative mitigation of such perceived threats. In recent years Technology Consultants Inc has provided services in a specific project called the International Trade Data System (ITDS) established by presidential executive order as part of the SAFE Port act.


International Trade Data System (ITDS)


Technology Consultants Inc. has provided services to the government for the last several years on a key technology and operations project named International Trade Data Services (ITDS) with its founder working as the Technical lead on the project for U.S Customs and Border Protection.

ITDS is a government wide project also known as the ‘ACE Single Window’ established by the President’s Executive Order to increase automation between the government and industry to facilitate importation of Cargo into the United States while at the same time mitigating any threats posed in the process. U.S. Customs and Border Protection provide leadership on the implementation of ITDS for the Government. ITDS Automates over 200+ forms submitted by trade partners to multiple US Government Agencies to meet regulatory requirements. It is a complex, web based distributed system that facilitates collaboration between CBP and multiple Partner Government Agencies (PGAs) during the inspection and release of cargo into U.S Commerce. ITDS Executes hundreds of business rules on behalf of multiple government agencies to evaluate incoming transactions for regulations compliance and violations detection and seamlessly brokers messaging between CBP, government Agencies and several hundred Trade Filers to process data needed during the importation process


End-to-End Technology Services


TCI has also executed other projects for U.S Customs and Border Protection supporting areas of risk analysis, threat targeting and mitigation. TCI is developing expertise in cloud based technologies with many of its personnel being certified on Amazon Web Services (AWS). TCI provides services in all areas of project execution including project management, security, networking, design and development; operations and maintenance (O&M) and help-desk support covering all areas of project execution from inception, deployment and production support.Give customers a reason to do business with you.